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Interactive Data Language
Report on ISOON Demonstration and Remote Operation From Boulder, Colorado, 21 April - 22 May 2003

Dr. Alan Kiplinger, a solar physicist at the University of Colorado, Boulder, served as the focal point for a test of the USAF's Improved Solar Observing Optical Network (ISOON). His comments about our user interface design and implementation (written in IDL) are documented in this report:
1. How would you rate ISOON in terms of ease of operation with regard to setting up for data reception and analysis?

I can clearly state that the monitoring and analysis part of the system is very easy to use, and the learning curve is short. ... I was able to instruct, via telephone, a person (who had only seen ISOON im my office) to start it up and run movies in only 10 minutes. ... Two other persons quickly learned how to use it and would set up movies to their liking, in my absence. ... Many NOAA/SEC, Air Force and other visitors witnessed the operation in my presence, and commented on the friendly system.

2. How would you rate the ergonomics of the software, displays, and menus?

Very user friendly. The Graphical User Interfaces are well laid out, and the menus are logical and straightforward.

Sirsi Unicorn iBistro
Kansas City Public Library - online library system

One Sunday Kansas City's entire online library system (Sirsi iBistro) crashed and the system wouldn't come back up, so they sent us an SOS. A thank-you letter included this:
You really saved the day this time in helping me quickly understand the breadth of the issue. I was getting a lot of hemming-hawing from the vendor, they were deflecting the blame. I wasn't at all interested in assigning blame, I just wanted the kooky thing resolved and working. The information you shared with me helped me guage how to best guide the vendor to help us.

Website and Intranet Design

We developed a web content publishing solution for XIMIX.biz which resulted in this recommendation for Gary Swift on LinkedIn.
Gary is an exceptionally talented and tenacious problem solver and a very talented designer. He approaches every project with great enthusiasm and curiosity. He is very collaborative by nature and very easy to work with. The code he created for my website was clever and concise and his keen eye for graphic detail made site navigation simple and intuitive. He made the whole development process educational and enjoyable. I recommend him wholeheartedly. May 27, 2010