Interactive Data Language
Visualizing information.

Image Tools User Interface
Image Tools written in IDL

Cluster Weights Plot
Cluster Weights Plot from Cluster Tools written in IDL

Check out this testimonial about our design and engineering work in IDL.
Design Matrix offers Software Design and Engineering services for applications written in Interactive Data Language (IDL), a programming language for visualizing scientific information, from Exelis Visual Information Solutions (formerly Research Systems Inc).

Our experience with IDL includes the design and implementation of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and other functionality for the USAF's Improved Solar Observing Optical Network (ISOON, now called OSPAN). This experience led to a conviction that IDL has tremendous potential for visualizing design and engineering information, as well as for visualizing scientific information. Accordingly Design Matrix is developing a set of its own in-house Design Tools written in IDL.

Combining experience with IDL and expertise in software design and engineering, Design Matrix can enhance the functionality and usability of your IDL applications and, working with your staff and users, we can implement our recommendations with the necessary IDL code. You provide the science - we'll provide the design.

With 15 years experience in all phases of UNIX operating system development Design Matrix can also assist you in all phases of your IDL software development needs, including:

Check out our Buglog Tools browser and editor to support IDL software development, testing and QA processes.

For tips about configuring IDL applications on X Windows see our X Resources Example.

If you need help designing and implementing your IDL applications, call Design Matrix at (310) 455 3107 or Joint projects with other IDL consultants and developers are welcome.