X Resources Example

While this is an example X Resources file for IDL, the settings could be used for other X Windows Client Classes other than Idl, such as XTerm. These examples could be copied into your $HOME/.Xdefaults file or your $HOME/Idl file. However, it would probably be better to place them a file like $HOME/Idl_examples and include that in $HOME/Idl with:
    #include "Idl_examples"
This way you can see the affects on your IDL applications, experiment with the settings, and incorporate the ones that work best for you directly into your $HOME/Idl file. To deactivate specific settings, turn them into comments by placing an exclamation mark (!) at the beginning of the line. To activate a setting that is "commented out", remove the exclamation mark.

Although Research Systems does not document X resources set by IDL, it generally does not set common GUI resources that affect the "look and feel" of widgets, such as colors and fonts. (See Resource_Name in the documentation for Widget_Base.) Moreover, the widget classes in these examples generally have a one-to-one correspondance with IDL widget creation functions or their options. For example, resource settings for Idl*XmText apply to widgets created with Widget_Text.

Be sure to consult the pages for X Resources Syntax, Colors and Fonts.
Download a plain text version here.

!---- Example X Resources file for IDL
!---- Copyright © 2001 Design Matrix.
!---- This file is provided without any warranty or liability whatsoever.
!---- Permission is granted to copy and modify this file provided that this
!---- copyright notice is included and modifications are clearly marked.
!---- None of these examples are recommended unless otherwise noted.  Your
!---- IDL application will have the same look and feel as other applications
!---- on your operating system if you use the defaults.  These examples are
!---- included here to illustrate how to tailor your IDL applications to suit
!---- your needs and taste.  Comment them out to use the default settings, or
!---- change the values as you see fit.

!---- The following examples affect all IDL widgets. 

!---- This reserves the number of colors specified for other apps, reducing
!---- color flashing on 8-bit color systems. Recommended for 8-bit systems.
!---- Increase the number until annoying color flashing goes away.
Idl*colors: -20

!---- Try these if you have backing store problems especilly with TVRD.
!---- Request X Windows to retain the backing store; no guarantee it will.
!Idl.retain: 1
!---- Have IDL retain the backing store if X Windows does not repaint it.
!Idl.retain: 2

!---- This causes menu bar items to be stuck "in".  NOT recommended.
!Idl*traversalOn: False

!---- Graphics window dimensions.  IDL defaults are 512 high and 640 wide.
Idl.graphicsWindowHeight: 400
Idl.graphicsWindowWidth: 400

!---- Background colors; the IDL default is LightGrey.
!---- A dark blue-grey.
Idl*background: #A0B0BF
!---- Foreground (text) colors; the IDL default is black.
Idl*foreground: black

Idl*fontList: times-bold
!---- Color around selected ("armed") widgets except for file selection box.
Idl*HighlightColor: green
!---- Width of border around "armed" widgets and (oddly) around label widgets.
Idl*highlightThickness: 3
!---- Border around widgets, useful to illustrate widget hierarchy.
!Idl*BorderWidth: 1
!---- Border around widgets; default is black.
!Idl*BorderColor: black
!---- Affects margins around button labels, including margin color of
!---- upper level pull-down menu items.  Default is about 3.
Idl*MarginWidth: 3
!---- Width of beveled edges for all buttons, sliders, and text widget window
!---- borders and scroll bars.  A value of 0 produces a 2-D "flat" look.
!Idl*shadowThickness: 4

!---- Resources specific to widget classes.

!---- For push buttons (e.g., toolbars) and dropbox selections. Also
!---- for the lowest levels of a menubar hierachy unless overidden by
!---- Widget_Base, Rname_MBar=foo and Idl*foo*background is set.  The file
!---- selection dialog box (Dialog_Pickfile) doesn't conform to XmPushButton
!---- properties. It uses generic Idl properties unless overidden by
!---- XmFileSelectionBox or XmPushButtonGadget.
Idl*XmPushButton*background: #A6C0AE
Idl*XmPushButton*foreground: black
!---- Oddly this affects fonts in the lower levels of the menubar hierachy,
!---- toolbar buttons, and buttons on other widgets.
Idl*XmPushButton*fontList: helvetica
!---- Color when button is pushed.
Idl*XmPushButton*armColor: mintcream
!---- Margins around button labels; overrides Idl*MarginWidth (if greater?).
Idl*XmPushButton.marginLeft: 0
Idl*XmPushButton.marginRight: 0 
!---- Width of beveled edges for just buttons. (See also XmPushButtonGadget.)
!Idl*XmPushButton*shadowThickness: 4

!---- Width of beveled edges of button gadgets (e.g., in file selection
!---- dialog boxes).
!Idl*XmPushButtonGadget*shadowThickness: 4

!---- For pull-down menus except the actual selections which are PushButtons. 
Idl*XmCascadeButton.shadowThickness: 2
Idl*XmCascadeButton.background: lavender
Idl*XmCascadeButton.foreground: red

!---- Separator for buttons (Widget_Button, /Separator) and after CW_PDMenu.
Idl*XmSeparator*background: lightgreen
Idl*XmSeparator*height: 10
!Idl*XmSeparator.orientation: vertical
Idl*XmSeparator.shadowThickness: 5

!---- For text widgets.
Idl*XmText*background: lightblue
!---- Fixed width (non-proportional) fonts are recommended for columnar text.
Idl*XmText*fontList: courier
!Idl*XmText*fontList: courier-bold
!Idl*XmText*fontList: fixed
!---- Example to make the "armed" highlight really obvious.
Idl*XmText.highlightThickness: 5
!---- Width of beveled edges for just text widget windows and scroll bars.
!Idl*XmText*shadowThickness: 4

!---- For text widget scroll bars.
Idl*XmScrollBar*background: darkorange

!---- For any window with scroll bars.
!---- Space between the data pane and the scroll bars; default is about 5
!Idl*XmScrolledWindow.spacing: 10
Idl*XmScrolledWindow.background: yellow
!---- Overrides Idl*XmScrollBar*background
Idl*XmScrolledWindow*XmScrollBar*background: blue

!---- For drop lists.
Idl*XmCascadeButtonGadget.shadowThickness: 3

!---- For slider widgets.
Idl*XmScale*background: darkorange

!---- For label widgets. 
Idl*XmLabel*background: grey
Idl*XmLabel*foreground: darkred
!---- Overrides Idl*highlightThickness for label widgets.
!Idl*XmLabel*highlightThickness: 0

!---- For list widgets.
!---- Affects scrolled lists in color table and file selection dialog boxes.
Idl*XmList*background: lightyellow
Idl*XmList*foreground: darkgreen
!---- Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*HighlightColor overrides this.
Idl*XmList*HighlightColor: purple

!---- For text field widgets. 
!---- Affects Filter and Selection fields of file selection dialog box..
Idl*XmTextField*background: white
Idl*XmTextField*foreground: darkblue
!---- Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*HighlightColor overrides this.
Idl*XmTextField*HighlightColor: purple
Idl*XmTextField.highlightThickness: 5

!---- For file selection dialog boxes (Dialog_Pickfile).
!---- See also XmList for list widgets.
!---- Overrides Idl*background and Idl*XmScrollBar*background 
!Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*background: lightslateblue
!---- Overrides Idl*fontList.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*fontList: times-roman
!---- Color around selected ("armed") widgets in file selection boxes.
!---- Overrides Idl*HighlightColor.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*HighlightColor: white
!---- Width and height of the entire file selection widget.
!---- Default width for IDL is 400.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox.width: 600
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox.height: 600
!---- Width of borders for buttons, scroll bars, list and text field windows. 
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*shadowThickness: 4
!---- Width of beveled edges on just file selection box buttons.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*XmPushButtonGadget*shadowThickness: 4
!---- Color around file selection dialog box widgets except buttons.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*BorderColor: red
!---- Thickness of border around file selection box widgets except buttons.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*BorderWidth: 2
!---- Affects just file selection dialog box list widgets.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*XmList*background: wheat
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*XmList*HighlightColor: orange
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*XmScrolledWindow*XmScrollBar*background: pink
!---- Affects just file selection dialog box text fields (Filter and Selection).
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*XmTextField*background: wheat3
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*XmTextField*HighlightColor: darkblue
!---- Label for file selection filter; default is Filter.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*filterLabelString: My App Filter
!---- Label default is Directory.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*dirListLabelString: My App Directory
!---- Label default is Files.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*fileListLabelString: My App Files
!---- Label default is Selection.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*selectionLabelString: My App Selection
!---- Label for left button; default is OK.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*OkLabelString: Okeedokee
!---- Label for middle button; default is Filter.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*applyLabelString: Apply My App filter
!---- Label for right button; default is Cancel.
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*cancelLabelString: Never Mind 
!---- ???
Idl*XmFileSelectionBox*dirTextLabelString: Enter My App path name:

!---- Affects widget bases (groups) that are bounded by a frame (/Frame).
!---- Overrides all child widget settings unless specified as subclasses.
!---- If you want "framed" widget groups to be in a unique color background,
!---- try these.
!Idl*XmFrame*background: tan
!Idl*XmFrame*foreground: brown
!---- To affect child widgets, specify them as subclasses, e.g.:
!Idl*XmFrame*XmPushButton*background: #A6C0AE
!Idl*XmFrame*XmPushButton*foreground: black
!Idl*XmFrame*XmText*background: lightblue
!Idl*XmFrame*XmScale*background: darkorange
!Idl*XmFrame*XmScrollBar*background: gold