Environmental Design
Ecologically responsible design in the artificial world.

Design MatriX has a special interest in websites, software and information systems that support environmental design.
Ecospheres painting
Ecospheres, painting by Gary Swift, 1970.
The term environmental design means many different things to different people. To some it means little more than interior design - planning an office layout and selecting the decor and furniture, for example. Architects and urban planners concern themselves with the "built environment", referring to the complex of buildings and infrastructures in towns and cities, and related design issues that affect the quality of life. To others the term encompasses all ecologically responsible design, also known as green design or ecodesign.

The most difficult environmental design problems deal with the large-scale ecological impacts of the artificial world. While concerns about these impacts have grown in public consciousness over the last few decades, all too often they are reduced to either-or, zero-sum, political arguments. When protecting the environment threatens peoples' jobs they are against it, but if the economic interests of others threaten to ruin their backyards they are for it. Fortunately, both-and win-win solutions are possible.

For examples of how we can help organizations solve complex environmental design problems, see some of our Ecopatterns.

Check out the Ecopatterns Wiki, an initiative to enable many people to compose Ecopatterns for ecosystems and the environment.
We believe that the best way to solve big environmental problems involves an objective, dispassionate, whole systems design process. This requires systems-oriented problem solving tools like Structured Planning to model complex interactions among design factors and constraints, and tools like Pattern Languages to create integrated high-level solutions to environmental problems.

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