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The Problem Element title and index are also recorded on page 2.

Problem Analysis:

(Extension; Discussion; Explication; Background; Illumination)

Information that provides an extension of the Problem Summary is collected here. It may be information describing the context or circumstances in which the Problem Element exists, an explication of the functions involved, and analysis of experiments or other proofs of validity, or any other information providing background and illumination of the forces involved in creating the problem.

Solution Analysis:

(Design Principle; Design Variation; Existing Solutions; Validation)

This is the Solution Summary's counterpart to the Problem Analysis. There may be specific design principles on which the solution is based. There may be variations on the theme that the design team members want to record. Similar existing solutions or other forms of validation may exit that justify the Solution Summary.


Whether from the author's direct experience or references to literature and other information pertinent to the Problem Element, the source are recorded here to further back up the insights and claims.


Performing an administrative function in a team effor, the author(s) and date are noted here.

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