Design Tools
Systems generating systems.

Cluster Set Plots
Cluster Set Plots from Cluster Tools written in IDL.

See how our Design Services can apply these powerful solving tools to your design needs.
Design MatriX develops in-house computer-assisted design tools to support our "whole systems" design methodology. These tools are written in a number of different computer languages, as appropriate, including Perl, UNIX shell and the Interactive Data Language (IDL) from Exelis Visual Information Solutions (formerly Research Systems Inc), a cross-platform language specifically developed for visualizing scientific information.

Visualizing Information

Using IDL for the first time in a major solar astronomy software development project lead to the realization that this language is perfect for certain design and engineering applications, as well as for science. Our in-house design tools written in IDL include:

Pattern Languages

Central to the design processes that Design MatriX employs is the continuous evolution of Pattern Languages for systems design. Typically a major deliverable to our clients is a set of design patterns, some generic to a class of design problems and some specific to the client's particular needs. Tools to support the evolution of design patterns include those to visualize design problems and their solutions. That is precisely the strength of IDL: tools both for real-world imagery and for abstract data in Glass Box Tools, such as matrix (array) data analysis, flow charts, run charts, scatter charts, Pareto charts and histograms.