Interactive Image Editing
Color Floodfill

This is an example of our expertise with image processing, JavaScript and AJAX with PHP. Use the drop down list to Select a New Color or click on the red, green and blue color bars to Mix a New Color. Then click anywhere in the image which will change the color under your browser's crosshair pointer to your new color.

Current Color:
Mix New Color:
Select a new image:
Fractal Cubist Mosaic Maze
What's going on?

When you click on the image JavaScript sends your new color and the image coordinates via AJAX to the PHP program which edits the image and sends it back to you.

Browser Support:

This has been successfully tested with Firefox 3.0, MSIE 6.O, MSIE 7.0, and Google Chrome 4.0 on Windows XP, with MSIE 8.0 on Windows 7, and with the Mozilla based built-in browser on an OLPC running Linux. Although Safari on Windows XP works perfectly, Safari on Apple hardware (iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX 10) doesn't display colors in the dropdown list, because styling form elements with CSS violates Apple's Aqua UI style guidelines. MSIE 7.0 on Vista reportedly doesn't work after the first color change. If true, we suspect this is Vista's bug; accept or deny.


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