Design Services
Systems that work.

Strategic Design
Designing the Design System. 

Software Design & Engineering
User interface where it counts.

Website & Intranet Design
It really is software.

Industrial & Product Design
Human factors rule.

Information & Graphic Design
Putting the message in formation.

Environmental Design
Ecologically responsible design in the artificial world.

The Challenge

Consider the stylish automobile that's a deathtrap in a crash; the typography that strains your eyes; the software with cute icons that's hard to use; the slick Website that takes forever to load and tells you nothing. If it isn't easy to build, use, maintain and evolve, if it doesn't respond to all human requirements without doing more harm than good, the system doesn't work.

Just as good form fits its context, a well-designed system responds to its total environment. It's not about style and cosmetics. It's about interfaces that work — an aesthetic grounded in humanizing functionality. That's the design philosophy behind our slogan "The system is the interface".

The Response

From high-level strategic design through concept to the implementation of the nitty-gritty engineering details, we design systems that work for people. We bring to design a functional, human-centered, whole systems design methodology, with emphasis on social and ecological responsibility, backed with the experience of working with a host of industries and organizations.

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Joint projects with other design companies and consultants are welcome.