Strategic Design
Designing the design system.

Design factor interations
Design factor interactions

Design problem structure
Design problem structure

Integrated design strategy
Integrated design strategy
To survive in today's rapidly changing world, products and services must not only anticipate change, but drive it. Businesses that don't will loose market share to those that do. In an increasingly competitive global market with rapid product cycles, strategic design is becoming more important. Akin to strategic planning, strategic design focuses on roadmaps for innovative products and services.

Strategic design requires a high-level vision, insight into future trends, understanding the relationship of technology to social change, user-centered design expertise, and a "whole systems" design methodology. But even organizations that have broad in-house expertise often lack the methodology to tie diverse insights together into a coherent design strategy. That's where Design Matrix can help.

While we specialize in software, web and information systems, our professional design experience spans many diverse types of businesses and organizations: transportation, entertainment, environments, education, health care, and more. Moreover, we employ powerful systems-oriented design processes like Structured Planning and Pattern Languages for strategic design, supported by our own in-house Design Tools.

These processes support cross-disciplinary teams to take complex design problems apart and reconfigure on a strategic level. Utilizing such design methods, Design Matrix can help you integrate your organization's internal expertise, and generate a strategic design roadmap for new and continuously improving products or services. This is design at the highest level - designing the design system.


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