Venice Health Council logo
Logo design for the Venice Health Council, a community health clinic.

Cinex logo
Logo design for Cinex, a film industry subscription service.

Anasazi Dreams
See also some of Gary Swift's Artwork.

Information and Graphic Design
Putting the message in formation.

From the pop psychedelic imagery of the late '60s to the desconstructivist typography of the '90s, graphic design has often been faddish and trendy. While a hip stylish look might appeal to a particular demographic population, it is often the wrong communications paradigm, quickly becoming cliched and dated as fads change.

Form follows function

We believe that the primary function of visual design is to communicate. Graphic imagery often needs to be contemporary, but if clarity does not rule the message could be obfuscated. After grabbing the viewer's eye, the function of graphic design is to convey information clearly and efficiently. If it doesn't do that, it doesn't work.

For interactive products, such as software systems and websites, user-centered visual design is an especially critical part of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. From the overall information architecture to pixel perfect graphics Design MatriX focuses on function, tailoring the "look" to fit the purpose as an integral part of the user's experience. We put the message in formation.

Information Technologies

We can can help you with new and emerging technologies that offer rich opportunities for visual information, such as the Keyhole Markup Language (KML) to visualize geographic information on Google Maps and Google Earth. We also offer specialized services in visualizing information with the Interactive Data Language (IDL) and other image processing technologies.

With expertise in systems design, Strategic Design and Software Design and Engineering we have the tools to tackle complex information systems problems. So if you need help with information architecture, graphic, UI or UX design call Design Matrix at (310) 455 3107 or