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Buglog Tools is a system to log, browse, and edit files in bug report databases. Written in the Interactive Data Language (IDL), it provides a good cross-platform solution for organizations and businesses that develop applications in IDL and need a bug tracking system to support their testing and quality assurance (QA) processes.
Buglog Tools browser and editor
Buglog Tools browser & editor

Buglog Tools browser buttons
Buglog Tools browser buttons

Bug List selection tool
Bug List selection tool

Bug List report
Bug List report

Buglog Tools Databases

The bug databases consist of ASCII text files, one per bug report, containing keyword-value pairs. Because the reports are plain text they can be manipulated with many other applications and utilities.

Buglog Tools Browser and Editor

On startup Buglog Tools loads the latest bug report in the default bug database, but any report from any database may be opened from the menu bar. You can jump to the first, previous, next or last report in the current database using the Go menu bar items or the tool bar browser buttons. Bug report files are loaded into a Bug Report Form composed of editable text fields and selectable droplists:

When you pull down from File to Open New Report or click on the New tool bar button, a blank Bug Report Form is created with the default Bug ID. Whenever you change an existing report Buglog Tools detects the change and highlights the Save and Cancel tool bar buttons, as well as their corresponding menu bar items. When you select another bug report (or you create a new one) Buglog Tools prompts if your pending changes are not saved.

Other Features

Future Enhancements

Enhancements to Buglog Tools under development include:


Because Buglog Tools is written in IDL it will run on your IDL platform.
Buglog Tools was developed by Design MatriX to support our own software projects. Because it is written in IDL it runs on any IDL platform. This makes it the perfect bug tracking system for your IDL software testing, quality assurance and in-house support needs, especially if your IDL applications run on several platforms.
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